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Typical pen and paper notebook nanny journals are becoming a thing of the past. Now nannies and parents can keep in contact in real time with a free smartphone App.

The NannyNotes App is the answer for keeping parents informed about their children while away at work or traveling. With an intuitive and easy to use activity logger, caregivers quickly log sleep schedules, diapers, feedings, and activities with notes and photos that are immediately available for parents.

Use NannyNotes and stay connected no matter where you are!

NannyNotes Includes:

  • Add unlimited children, caregivers, and family members.
  • Track feedings, sleep schedules, diapers, bottles, and activities with notes and photos.
  • Intuitive interface makes adding notes quick and simple.
  • Updates appear instantly on your device as caregivers log activity.
  • Nannies can share days by text if parents do not have an apple device.
  • Parents can add memos and reminders for caregivers days ahead of time.
  • Unlimited storage. Add as many photos and notes as you wish.
  • Keep an unlimited history of the child’s notes and photos grouped by day.
  • Any photo that is entered into NannyNotes can be saved to your phone for sharing on any social network.
  • Security. Take comfort in knowing that everything is stored safely and securely.

NannyNotes can be found on the App Store.

App store:
Web Site:


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