Hosting a Nanny Play Groups

A Happy Nanny Makes Happy Kids

Working as a nanny can be an isolating caring for kids in a home all day. It’s essential for in-home childcare providers to make friends, just like the kids.

The best way to keep happy at work is scheduling plenty of playdates and play groups with other moms, nannies, and au pairs that care for kids of the same age as you do. Creating regularly scheduled play groups helps keep you motivated, creative and social.

1. Meet at same time each week
2. Limit play group to about two hours
3. Pick an activity and stow away other toys
4. Have guests go home for lunch and naps
5. Although you are socializing don’t neglect the kids. You are still working.
6. Let caregivers and kids help clean up or clean up while your nanny kids nap

It’s always fun to meet nannies and their nanny kids at a playground or park for a picnic.

Playgroup Field Trips:
It’s fun to organize playgroups to meet at various parks, go to the zoo, dairy farm, pools, mall, and apple farms. Other fun options include police and fire station tours and trips to children’s museums.

Playgroup Theme Days:
For example, a bug theme could include little butterfly nets and containers to keep the caught bugs in. Go on a hike looking for bugs. Have a bubble day where we just let the kids run around chasing bubbles and blowing bubbles. Schedule a bear hunt where the kids looked for a bear and find his paw prints on cupcakes that he left behind at a picnic table. Here are some great ideas for group games.

Free Play:
It is fine to just take turns having the kids play at one another’s homes. Just be sure to pack away precious toys you don’t want broken or are a safety hazard to kids of different ages.

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