Shaving Cream Marbleized Paper

Creative Wednesdays

It’s winter here in New Jersey and I need to keep my six-year-old nanny kid busy indoors. We decided to make marbleized stationary to use for birthday cards and thank you notes. There are tons of different ways to marbleized paper but the kiddo I care for just loves playing with shaving cream so we found this project on the blog The Crafted Life. Here is what we did:

You Will Need:

Foam Shaving Cream
Acrylic Paint
Card Stock Paper
Aluminum Baking Pan
Piece of Cardboard

What to Do:

1. Fill the aluminum pan half way with shaving cream and drop in a few drops of acrylic paint.
2. Have the kids use a toothpick to swirl the paint into the shaving cream to make a design.
3. Dip the paper into the shaving cream.
4. After a few minutes, scrape off the shaving scream with a piece of cardboard and let dry.

Idea by The Crafted Life
Photo by Stephanie Felzenberg

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