Spring Cherry Blossoms

Creative Wednesdays

Cherry blossoms have finally appeared all around the world where spring has arrived. They come in different shades of pink and nothing is prettier than the fragile, short-lived  blossoms. We used paint, markers, and tissue paper to make this beautiful arts and craft project with kids.

What You Need:

Heavyweight PaperBeTheBestNannyCherryTree2
Pink Tissue Paper
Brown Marker or Paint
Green and Pink Paint
Cotton Swabs and/or Paint Brushes
Paper or Styrofoam Bowls

What to Do:

1. Prepare the project by drawing brown branches on the heavyweight paper for the kids. Spread branches all over the paper.

2. Cut out squares of pink tissue paper into 1-inch to 2-inch squares. Scrunch the squares into balls.

3. Allow the children to dip cotton swabs or paint brushes into a bowl of glue. Have them dab the glue on the branches and attached a tissue paper ball onto the gule.

4. Once done gluing tissue paper blossoms to the tree have the kids dip another cotton swab or paint brush into a bowl of pink paint and fill in some pink buds on the branches.

5. Finally, dip a cotton swab into green paint to make a few leaves on the branches. The kids can make grass on the bottom of the paper if the choose. My charge added a few fallen pink petals on the grass as well.


Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg


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