Brown Paper Gingerbread Garland

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Making gingerbread men is a winter holiday tradition making this the perfect time to let kids trace, cut, and decorate gingerbread garland made out of brown paper bags. Here’s how to make this easy holiday decoration.

You Will Need:bbb

Brown Paper Bags
Safety Scissors
Gingerbread Man Template or Cookie Cutter
Glitter Pens, Markers, Paint, Decorations

What to Do:

1. Print out the gingerbread man pattern or use a cookie cutter to trace. We used this link for our template. ccc

Click to access Craft%20Paper%20Gingerbread%20Garland.pdf

2. Cut strips of brown paper from paper bags large enough to fit the gingerbread man template.

3. Fold the paper accordion style making sure the gingerbread man template will fit.

4. Trace the template onto the strip and cut out using safety scissors. Be sure to leave the hands and feet connected at the folds of the paper.

5. Unfold, lay flat, and decorate. You can tape strips of gingerbread men together to make a longer garland.


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    love gingerbread!!! followback? 😦

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