Sea Shell Hair Pins

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Who doesn’t love summertime and days spent at the beach with the kids? Part of each day spent at the beach my charges scan the shore for sea shell treasures. These nautical hair pins are easy and inexpensive to make but don’t let little kids use the glue. Let your favorite mermaids pick out their favorite shells for an adult to glue to the bobby pins for them.

You Will Need:ccc

Small Sea Shells
Hair Pins (Bobby Pins)
Super Glue
Protected Work Surface
Rubber Gloves to Protect Your Hands

What to Do:

1. Clean and dry the sea shells. Protect the work surface and wear rubber gloves.
2. Figure out how you want to balance the shell to the bobby pin before adding the glue. I used the cardboard the hair pins came on to help balance the pins (see photo on right).
3. Carefully add a few drops of glue to the shell and hair pin. Do not let the kids near the glue or their fingers can get glued together.
4. Allow to dry completely. Let the mermaids wear their nautical creations.


Idea and photos by Stephanie Felzenberg


  1. These are super cute. I have to try this project.


  1. […] few pretty sea shells to take home as souvenirs when we visit the beach. We have made photo frames, shells hair clips, and simple necklaces with shells. This week we painted the shells to look like animals […]

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