How to Clean Burned-On Food from Pots and Pans

1Tip of the Day

It’s inevitable, when making big pots of food the bottom of the pot will have burned food stuck to the bottom of the pan. So, Jessica Eulo, a nanny in NJ, shares a tip that works just great to remove stubborn burns that are stuck on the bottom of pots and pans.2

Simply add a drop of detergent to hot water and boil the pot on the stove to loosen the ornery burned-on mess. But, be sure to only add enough water to cover the tough food stain because as the water boils the bubbles will quickly rise in the pot and can bubble over.

3So the next time you or your employers burn food to the bottom of a pot or pan simply boil the persistent mess on the stove for about five minutes to quickly have a shiny clean pot or pan.

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