Knot Genie for Detangling Hair

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For a little girl, the four-year-old I care for sure does have a lot of long hair. Nothing bothers her more than when I try to detangle her long, wavy locks. But her mother bought a Knot Genie and she hasn’t whined as I brush her hair since.

The Knot Genie is a detangling brush designed for children with tough to brush hair. The Knot Genie can easily comb through the curliest, most knotted up hair, with ease.

The Knot Genie prevents breakage and split ends while painlessly detangling hair. Kids (and adults) love the knot genie, because it is so easy to use, and doesn’t pull or break hair.

The secret to it’s super easy untangling is actually the different length teeth of the brush, which bend in just the right way to gently untangle knots without pulling or breaking hair. The design creates less stress leaving the hair’s cuticle unharmed, revealing the smoothest, shiniest hair you’ve ever had.

The unique cloud-shaped top of the Knot Genie fits into the palm of your hand nicely, whether you’re right or left handed. Feeling more like an extension of your hand than a grooming tool, creating a more comfortable and gentle brushing experience. There are also some available with handles.

You can purchase the detangling brush by clicking the links above.


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