Thanksgiving Thankful Wreath

Thanksgiving Arts N’ Crafts

As nannies one of our most important roles is to help the kids in our care develop positive self-esteem and self-worth. And with Thanksgiving right around the corner, there’s no better time to help kids appreciate all they have. We should make an effort to make thankfulness the topic of conversation during the next few days in preparation for Thanksgiving.

When we first ask children about what they are thankful for they may just rattle off a list of all the toys and things that they own. But, being thankful for material possessions is a good thing. Just be sure to help them balance the list out by pointing out the people in her lives that they love too. As they develop characteristics like empathy and sympathy, they will gain gratitude. Teaching a child to be thankful, generous, and kind is a lifelong process, and one that involves many friends and family to help.

Make the Thankful Wreath described below as a tangible reminder of their positive characteristics and for the all the things the kids have in which they should give thanks.

You Will Need:

Autumn Colored Construction Paper
Leaf Template or Real Leaves to Trace
Poster Board
Crayons or Markers

What to Do:

  1. Cut out a large circle from poster board.
  2. Gather leaves from outdoors to trace onto construction paper or print out leaf templates by clicking here or here. Cut out a lot of leaves in various Autumn colors.
  3. Have each family member write a reason they are thankful for their other family members on the leaves or why they like their family member.
  4. Have the child paste the leaves with the answers of why their family members are thankful for them.

Another Option: Have the children answer “I am thankful for,” on their leaves.

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