Travel Baby Bottle Warmers

Product Review Sunday When working as a nanny I don’t like using baby bottle warmers to heat up the baby’s bottle. Just running hot water from the kitchen tap over the bottle is the easiest way to warm a baby in my opinion. But, it is great to have a travel baby bottle warmer when […]

League of Denial by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru

Weekly Trip to the Library It’ is football season, so no better time to read League of Denial: The NFL, Concussions and the Battle for Truth by Mark Fainaru-Wada and Steve Fainaru. It is vital for all nannies to be aware of the symptoms of concussions and the possible causes of brain damage of their charges that play […]

Apple Butternut Squash Soup

Cooking with Kids For the past month I have been posting recipes using apples to make with the kids. This week I made a more grown-up recipe using apples and butternut squash. While most kids love chicken noodle soup, not all toddlers will appreciate the texture of a squash and apple soup. But, if your […]

What is the Best Way to Treat Teething Pain?

Amber Teething Necklaces: Helpful or Too Dangerous? Teething usually begins when a baby is between six- and eight-months-old. Common signs of teething are: biting on hard objects, drooling, gum swelling and sensitivity, irritability, sleeping problems, and refusing food. Parenting message boards are filled will discussions about Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces. Baltic amber necklaces are supposed […]

Flying Moody Ghosts

Wednesdays with Whitney The little three-year-old I care for is just learning to use scissors and to draw happy and sad faces. I took her new obsessions and had her cut out pieces of white paper into ghost shapes and then she drew happy, sad, sleeping and surprised faces on the ghosts. We glued the moody ghosts onto […]

Nanny Confessions: I Hate Being Around Nannies that Yell at Kids

Study Shows Yelling at Kids Hurts as Much as Hitting Them I confess it makes me uncomfortable to be around other nannies that yell excessively at kids. It is only natural that kids will occasionally “get under our skin”and all adults make mistakes when they are frustrated with kids at times. But, if you want […]

Have the Parents Ever Argued in Front of You?

Respecting Professional Boundaries: Nannies are Not Marriage Counselors Does it feel awkward when a parent you work for complains to you about their spouse? Have you ever felt uncomfortable when the parents you work for have argued in front of you? It’s inevitable if you work as a nanny that you will overhear a lot […]

Omega-3 and DHA for Pregnant and Nursing Mothers and Infants: Help or Hype?

Product Review Sunday There is a huge market for pregnant and lactating mothers and infants to take Omega-3 and DHA, known as healthy fats and an essential brain foods. Popular pediatrician and author Dr. Jim Sears explains fats influence brain development and performance for growing infants. He says, “The most rapid brain growth occurs during […]

Autumn Leaf Lesson Plans for Nannies and Children

This week I visited the Scholastic web site for lesson plans about leaves in the Fall. I recommend going to the library and borrowing Fall Leaves Fall,  Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf, We’re Going On A Leaf Hunt and Leaf Man. In Fall Leaves Fall by Zoe Hall, two brothers enjoy everybody’s favorite autumn activities: chasing leaves through the […]

Warm Apple Crisp

Cooking With Kids It is apple harvest time and no apple treat is more loved and easier to make than Apple Crisp. Let the kids mix up the dry ingredients to make this quick and easy dessert. It’s so yummy my charges and I made this Betty Crocker Apple Crisp recipe twice this week! The kids […]