What is the Best Way to Treat Teething Pain?

aaaAmber Teething Necklaces: Helpful or Too Dangerous?

Teething usually begins when a baby is between six- and eight-months-old. Common signs of teething are: biting on hard objects, drooling, gum swelling and sensitivity, irritability, sleeping problems, and refusing food.

Parenting message boards are filled will discussions about Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces. Baltic amber necklaces are supposed to help reduce teething pain. Baltic amber necklaces are made to wear but not to chew on. The theory is that baltic amber contains a natural analgesic that can be absorbed through the skin to relieve pain when the body heat from the child releases succinic acid which is then absorbed by the child’s body through the skin.

Dr. Andrew Weil, the popular spokesperson for a natural healing approach to health and wellness explains promoters of baltic amber teething necklaces claim that they stimulate the thyroid gland (to control drooling) and improve the ability of the immune system to reduce inflammation in the ears, throat, stomach, and respiratory system.

But, the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn’t recommend that infants wear any jewelry.

In a New York Times article, Roni Jacobson writes that “According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suffocation is the leading cause of death for children under a year old and among the top five causes of death for children between the ages of 1 and 4.”

The Food and Drug Administration warns that oral anethetic gels and liquids that contain benzocaine (like Orajel and Anbesol) can sometimes cause a rare but dangerous condition called methemoglobinemia.

Here are the safest methods to treat teething pain:

MASSAGE: Pediatrician, Dr. Alan Greene recommends using massage as a way to comfort a teething baby by rubbing the gums firmly and gently with a clean finger. The first few passes are sometimes a bit uncomfortable, but babies get more and more relaxed as the massage continues.

TEETHING RINGS: Soft, yet firm, teething rings are made in all shapes and sizes. Cool teething rings in the fridge to help numb sore gums. Pediatricians do not recommend freezing teething rings as frozen items can actually hurt a babies gums. We love Woodours Baby Activity Rattle and Teether Bear, MAM Bite and Brush Teether, and Munchkin Fun Ice Ring Teethers. See how to purchase them below.

COLD FOODS: Giving teething children partially frozen fruit, bagel, or waffle helps numb the pain while giving the pressure teething babies crave. I found babies love eating chilled applesauce or yogurt to help numb sore gums.

COOL WASHCLOTHS: Chewing on cool ojects such as wet washcloths or terrycloth toys fresh from the fridge work well too.

PAIN RELIEVERS: When all else fails infant acetaminophen or ibuprofen can provide stronger pain relief on occasion and helps babies sleep.

You can purchase our favorite teething rings at the links provided after the references.

The American Academy of Pediatrics
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Woodours Baby Activity Rattle and Teether Bear




Munchkin Fun Ice Ring Teether, Colors May Vary





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