Flying Moody Ghosts

Wednesdays with Whitney

The little three-year-old I care for is just learning to use scissors and to draw happy and sad faces. I took her new obsessions and had her cut out pieces of white paper into ghost shapes and then she drew happy, sad, sleeping and surprised faces on the ghosts. We glued the moody ghosts onto wood clothesline pins and hung them in the curtains in her bedroom to make them look like they are flying.

What You Need:ccc

White Paper
Safety Scissors
Markers or Crayons
Clothesline Pins and Glue (optional)

What to Do:

1. Draw a ghost shape on white paper.

2. Allow the kids to cut out the shapes.

3. Draw happy, sad, scared, surprised and sleepy faces on the ghosts.

4. Glue each ghost to a clothesline pins. Once dry, hang in curtains.

Project ideas and photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

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