Nanny Confessions: It’s Easy to Misinterpret Notes

Communicate Face-to-Face, Not in Notes
By Stephanie Felzenberg, Nanny and Editor of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter

Nannies are encouraged to record what happens during their work day in a daily log. But, if nannies don’t choose their words wisely their written comments can be misinterpreted as judgmental, condescending, or patronizing (not the tone an employer wants to hear from their caregiver).

Similarly, when parents leave instructions on Post-it-Notes, nannies may feel like they are being criticized and scolded.

People misinterpret so much written on social media, in emails, in texts, and Post-it-Notes all the time. Caregivers and parents cannot hear the other person’s tone of voice or see their facial expression in written text. A lot of miscommunication and hurt feelings could be avoided if parents and nannies would just make a concerted effort to communicate in-person.

This week, I confess, when parents leave lists of things to do on Post-it-Notes around the home I often feel like they I am being criticized and scolded.

Nannies find it demoralizing when parents only notice what they have done wrong. Parents deserve to be respected and not feel patronized by their caregivers. To reduce miscommunication, nannies and parents should speak respectfully with one another face-to-face whenever possible, rather than in notes left for each other throughout the house.

Stop by next Tuesday for more Nanny Confessions.

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