Glitter Easter Eggs

Wednesdays with Whitney
By Whitney Tang

Easter’s coming up soon, and the days of endlessly decorating eggs has already begun! Why not mix it up with this sparkly, messy, and colorful alternative? This craft was inspired by the last year’s Easter issue of Parenting – it had a handful of creative Easter basket ideas as well that are definitely worth checking out!


• Eggs
• Glue
• Glitter
• Hairspray


1. Start out by making hard boiled eggs (boil for 17 minutes).
2. Once the eggs have cooled, you can start the decorating! Start by painting the eggs with glue. Make sure to have a wet paper towel nearby, as sticky fingers will quickly turn into sticky hair!
3. Once the egg is all painted (or as painted as it’s going to get), you can roll it in a bowl full of glitter. Keep an eye on the little ones though, because glitter rarely stays in one place.
4. When the eggs are all decorated, set them in an empty egg container in the fridge. You want to let the glue dry and glitter set in for a while before you do anything with these guys.
5. Don’t forget to spray the eggs with hairspray before handing them off to the kids in order to prevent a glittery mess all over the house!

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