Winter Kitchen Crafts

Wednesdays with Whitney By Whitney Tang                                                                     Now that the holiday season is over, we all have pantries filled with leftover baking supplies. Put all that excess frosting and those extra marshmallows to good use by making a kitchen craft with the little ones in the post holiday lull. Below are some of my favorite ways to […]

Adopting an Attitude of Gratitude for the New Year

New Year’s To-Do List Daily I receive messages from nannies online asking me to post their questions on Facebook page in our column “Anonymous Nanny Asks for Advice.” The number of complaints shows me that no one loves every moment of their job. Despite feeling underappreciated and disrespected at times, I want to challenge nannies […]

Traditional Educational Play Isn’t Interesting

Nanny Confessions by Elizabeth Hawksworth What are Your Favorite Ways to Help Children Learn and Grow? By Elizabeth Hawksworth Whenever I look at ads for nanny jobs one of the main job duties listed is “educational play.” Traditionally, this means spending time with children working on writing and reading using electronic LeapPads or tablets, doing mathematical […]