Say No to Say Yes! Are You a People Pleaser?

Why We Say Yes, When We Want to Say No

We all do it. We say yes when we really want to say no. Many nannies are people pleasers, especially at work. Plenty of nannies have difficulty saying no to their employers because they want to be nice and show their employers that they appreciate the job – even at the expense of themselves.

Why some nannies say yes when they want to say no:

1. They want to help. Most nannies have kind souls and hearts. They don’t want to turn people away and want to help where possible, especially at work.

2. Afraid of seeming rude. A lot of us were brought up under the notion that saying no, especially to people who are our senior, is rude.

3. Fear of conflict. We fear our employers might be angry if we say no.

David S. Sobel and Robert Ornstein authors of The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Handbookexplain that how we communicate has a very real impact on our happiness and our health. When we communicate effectively, we feel understood. If we communicate effectively we feel connected, valued at work, and people trust and respect us.

The authors say there are three ways we communicate with other people: aggressively, passively, or assertively. To communicate effectively we have to communicate assertively.

Here are tips on how to say no:

Also, stop by tomorrow, when we will discuss these communications styles and how to communicate more effectively on this blog.



  1. I think most nannies are people pleasers. I have a lot of trouble saying no. My friends and family want me to practice saying "no" and be ready but then I freeze and do whatever my boss wants me to do.

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