What If Nannies Went on Strike for a Day?

You Think Their Job is Not Necessary?
You are Treated as You Treat Others. You Get What You Pay For!

If you follow this blog or subscribe to our newsletter you certainly have heard about Domestic Workers United, the organization that helped form the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights in New York that establishes a basic standard of pay and vacation for workers.

Here is an interview with the director of Domestic Worker United Ai-jen Poo on wbur.org.

In comments about the interview Jonathon K. writes, “They get paid little b/c their job is not necessary. If all of the domestic workers went on strike for a day, people would do their own chores and save a little money.”

It is estimated that in 12-million households both parents work full-time. Millions of working parents not being able to go work would not matter?

Childcare is essential to our economy!

Custodial care is not enough. Quality care is essential.

Custodial care is sub-standard childcare (care that merely keeps children safe, warm, and fed). Custodial care does not consistently include planned age-appropriate and developmentally appropriate social, physical, cognitive, and psychological care.

In fact, a study shows that low-quality care can have a lasting impact. Click here to learn more about the study.

Nannies provide quality care by providing individual care following the specific needs and desires of the parents about nutrition, learning, and discipline. Babies are held more often, and comforted when crying with a nanny. The child is cared for in the comfortable environment of their home. Nannies can transport kids to activities and doctor visits. Nannies can be flexible with the parents’ work schedule. Parents do not have to dress and pack up kids to transport them to outside care. Plus, nannies can run errands, tidy the home, wash laundry, and more.

Do you really think a nanny’s job is not necessary?


  1. Too funny Jonathan's comments are just mean and stupid. Classist (looking down on others) wonder if he feels same way about garbage men and teachers. Probably.

  2. It's similar to when there is a sanitation workers' strike: we do a "behind the scenes" job that many take for granted…until the trash (or diapers, or carpool pickups…) pile up.

  3. We simply don't get enough credit ever!

  4. Remember the ATC strike back in the 80s?The controllers all went on strike, Reagan fired them all, and new controllers were hired.If you aren't happy with your job, leave.If my nanny went on strike for a day, she'd be fired. And yes, it would be "for cause" since not showing up or lying about sick use is grounds for termination in our contract … so no unemployment.And I would never hire a union nanny.

  5. but look how the ATC are doing now?

  6. Anonymous above this isn't about ATC or unions or strikes. The point is that we domestics are angry at the comment Jonathan made stating domestics are not necessary. It's not a discussion about strikes and unions, it's a discussion about being necessary.Parents in this country need childcare and quality childcare can be found in their own homes by hiring a nanny.An employer still needs to follow the fair labor standards act. This provides ground rules for fair pay union or no union, strike or no strike.

  7. Nannies go on work strikes all the rtime but silently when they feel disrespected.Don't worry anonymous we wouldn't be working 4 u either! U wouldn't need to fire us we would quit! Amen to u get what u pay for + r only treated as well as u treat others. U don't pay enough or treat us w/out respect u won't gain respect or a good days work from ur disgruntled employee.

  8. Just stupid to mistreat person you entrust in your childs care. Mistreat her she just mistreat them.

  9. Every time we bring up the topic of domestic rights some dummies make rude comments about domestics and then also insult parents who have to work to raise their families. I don't think it's a sin or immoral for both parents to have to work. It's the norm in society. They blame the poorest (the domestic workers) and the parents trying their best to provide for their families. It enrages me! Judgmental, rude and ignorant fools.

  10. If all the Nannies in New York went on Strike OMG I have no words as do you have any idea of how many nannies there employed in NY?

  11. Ha Jonathon clearly isn't a working parent!

  12. There are some people that think they are better than others and this guy Jonathon is one of them. He just doesn't respect people that do work he wouldn't want to do himself or doesn't make the money he makes. Biggot is the only word I can think of to describe him.

  13. One day would absolutely matter to most working parents? My employers both work on Wall St. Are you serious it wouldn't matter??? They can work from home I suppose but typically they never miss a day. Think of all the meetings!? At their companies at least 4/5 of workers have nannies so basically you would have less than a skeleton crew at work and it would make them lose a lot of work that day!!

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