Exergen’s TemporalScanner Temporal Artery Thermometer

Products Nannies Love I just can’t seem to get an accurate reading from an auxiliary (ear) thermometer. I have always been frustrated with auxiliary thermometers as they give low readings, that are never the same. Pediatricians agree that a rectal thermometer is the most accurate to take a baby’s temperature. But studies have shown temporal […]

Weekly Trip to the Library

Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhardt Dorothy Kunhardt’s Pat the Bunny , published in 1940, is one of the bestselling children’s books of all time. This week at the book store my 13-month old charge picked it out amongst a huge display of children’s books. Pat the Bunny (Touch and Feel Book)is a great first […]

Opportunities for Nannies to Learn

International Nanny Association Conference and Free Webinar Research confirms what we all intuitively understand: that superior training and education results in nannies that provide superior childcare. Click here to read “Nanny Training: Higher Education Commands Higher Wages.” Here are two great opportunities for nannies to learn: 2011 INA Annual Conference Grand Hyatt Tampa BayThursday, May […]

St. Patrick’s Day Children’s Books

What Are You Doing for St. Patrick’s Day? Crafts For St. Patrick’S Day (Holiday Crafts for Kids) by Kathy Ross, Illustrated by Sharon Lane HolmTwenty easy craft projects including a shamrock bird, leprechaun face mask, a shillelagh, a rainbow bracelet, and a pot of gold table decoration. Irish Night Before Christmas and A Leprechaun’s St. […]

10 Things Your Nanny Won’t Tell You

For starters, nannies need a vacation. Second, there may be something wrong with your child. Plus, eight other things your nanny is too scared to tell you. Click here to see article. 1. Nannies are not your maid. 2. Nannies need a vacation. 3. Parents need to discipline your children. 4. Nannies want a raise. […]

How to Make Children Laugh

Hands That Make You Laugh by Sheila Ellison Monday we asked what are the funniest things the children you care for have said. Today we describe another fun way to get your charges to lighten-up and have some fun from Sheila Ellison and her book 365 Ways to Raise Great Kids. Hands That Make You […]

Quick Games Make Kids Laugh

Teaching Kids to Value Humor365 Ways to Raise Great Kids by Sheila Ellison There is no sound like laughter to lighten the mind’s load. Families who value humor, who can laugh together, and who enjoy the sound of fun. have the only medicine money cannot buy. Those who befriend laughter learn early not to take […]

What is the Funniest Thing Your Charge Ever Said?

Has Your Charge Ever Said Something Funny? Last week we mentioned how a sense of humor is important in solving issues in your job. This week, we will explore keeping a sense of humor not only helps us, but the children in our care. Children on average laugh 200 times per day. Adults laugh 15 […]

Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub

Products Nannies Love I love using this inflatable duck with the toddler in my care. The Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub fits easily in any household tub. The adorable duck tub has a contoured headrest and is fully padded for a baby’s total comfort. Even the beak squeaks to keep any baby entertained. It can be […]

Review for Nannies of "The Healing Power of Humor" by Allen Klein

If the Job Gets Tough, Use Child’s Play This past week we discussed all sorts of ways people complain. If you are a nanny or au pair that finds yourself complaining about your job (or even worse dreading it) we suggest using humor to face your problems at work. People who can laugh at their […]