Quick Games Make Kids Laugh

Teaching Kids to Value Humor365 Ways to Raise Great Kids by Sheila Ellison There is no sound like laughter to lighten the mind’s load. Families who value humor, who can laugh together, and who enjoy the sound of fun. have the only medicine money cannot buy. Those who befriend laughter learn early not to take […]

What is the Funniest Thing Your Charge Ever Said?

Has Your Charge Ever Said Something Funny? Last week we mentioned how a sense of humor is important in solving issues in your job. This week, we will explore keeping a sense of humor not only helps us, but the children in our care. Children on average laugh 200 times per day. Adults laugh 15 […]

Review for Nannies of "The Healing Power of Humor" by Allen Klein

If the Job Gets Tough, Use Child’s Play This past week we discussed all sorts of ways people complain. If you are a nanny or au pair that finds yourself complaining about your job (or even worse dreading it) we suggest using humor to face your problems at work. People who can laugh at their […]