How to Make Children Laugh

Hands That Make You Laugh by Sheila Ellison

Monday we asked what are the funniest things the children you care for have said. Today we describe another fun way to get your charges to lighten-up and have some fun from Sheila Ellison and her book 365 Ways to Raise Great Kids.

Hands That Make You Laugh:

You need two people for this activity. One person stands or sits directly in front of another with their hands behind their back. Try not to let the front person’s arms show. The person in the back extends their arms around the front person and does all the hand movements.

The person in front makes faces and talks. The audience can shout out scenes for the pair to act out that would involve many hand movements: eating food, brushing teeth and washing face, father shaving, putting a model together, painting a picture, and so on.

Let everyone in the family have a chance to make the family laugh.

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