Can Kids That Have Too Much Be Grateful?

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Teach Children to be Grateful During the Holidays Why do we ask kids to make a list for Santa rather than say a prayer to those in need? Is it really possible for nannies and au pairs to help kids be grateful for the abundance they have when Christmas […]

The Best List of Kids’ Books for Gift-Giving

There is Still Time to Give the Gift of Children’s Books If you haven’t bought the children you care for a gift yet, giving books is always a great gift for nannies and au pairs to give to children. There is still time to visit your local book store. Think of your charges favorite book […]

How Are You Planning to Spend Your Holiday Bonus?

What Nannies Can Do with Their Holiday Bonus It may not be as fun as buying a flat screen TV, but paying down debt is a great way to celebrate the holidays. If you have outstanding debt, especially high interest credit card debt, every bit you can pay off helps. Next, you should think of […]

What Really Makes Nannies Rich?

Your Holiday Bonus Won’t Make You as Rich as the Invaluable Work You Do! Articles this time of year tell parents what to give their nannies for holiday, or year-end, bonuses and gifts. Although all nannies hope for hard cold cash, (as cleverly stated by nanny Sue Downey), I think that a truly prosperous nanny […]

What Gifts Nannies Really Want

What Holiday Gift Do You Really Want from Your Employers? Many nanny agency owners have been asking Be the Best Nanny Newsletter what parents should give their nannies as holiday gifts. So, we though we should ask nannies to answer the question themselves. Undoubtedly, when asked, many nannies will say they want a cash bonus […]

Puttin On the Glitz

Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glitter We all know most nannies and au pairs are crafty. And since there’s still plenty of time to make holiday decorations and gifts with your charges, for Product Review Sunday we highly recommend downloading a coupon for Martha Stewart Crafts™ fine glitter. The coupon can be used at Michael’s stores. Click […]

365 Ways to Prepare for Christmas

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs From simple solutions to sophisticated scenarios, 365 Ways to Prepare for Christmas by David E. Monn provides straightforward tips on how to do holiday shopping, entertaining, decorating, gift wrapping, cooking, and more. There are think-ahead strategies designed to keep you out of the trenches the […]

Best Holiday Gift Giving-Guide for Nannies and Au Pairs

What are the Best Holiday Gifts You Have Given Your Employers? All this week we posted the results of the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter holiday gift-giving survey for nannies and au pairs. We learned that 59% of nannies and au pairs give a gift for each member of their employers family including the parents […]

What Holiday Gifts Do Nannies Give?

Nanny Holiday Gift-Giving Guide Finding the right holiday gift to give to your boss can be tough. We have been discussing that the sentiment is more important than the cost of the gift you choose. For those who haven’t decided what to give to their employers and their children yet this holiday season, we hope […]

Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for Nannies and Au Pairs

Giving One Gift to Your Employers’ Family Of the nannies that took our Be the Best Nanny Newsletter holiday gift-giving survey, 59% give a holiday gift to each member of their employers’ family. While 59% of nannies give both the children and parents a holiday gift, only 3% of the survey participants give just one gift […]