When Too Much is Too Much

This Christmas Say No to Presents, Yes to Presence By Judy H. Wright A few years ago at a family Christmas gathering, the adults looked at the mounds of packages under the tree and shuddered. It was obscene in the over abundance of material possessions. One uncle mentioned that the Christ Child had only three […]

Views of a Serbian Au Pair About an American Christmas

By IvanaWhen I came to America from Serbia to work as an au pair for a family it was a difficult adjustment. There was a language barrier. I was not used to the American diet. I didn’t own enough modern clothes. But, the hardest adjustment is the lavish lifestyle of many material possessions, yet ungrateful […]

Can Kids That Have Too Much Be Grateful?

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Teach Children to be Grateful During the Holidays Why do we ask kids to make a list for Santa rather than say a prayer to those in need? Is it really possible for nannies and au pairs to help kids be grateful for the abundance they have when Christmas […]