Can Kids That Have Too Much Be Grateful?

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Teach Children to be Grateful During the Holidays

Why do we ask kids to make a list for Santa rather than say a prayer to those in need? Is it really possible for nannies and au pairs to help kids be grateful for the abundance they have when Christmas is so commercialized?

Since nannies and au pairs spend a lot of time with children, I think we do influence children greatly. I think how nannies and au pairs treat others will help children be more grateful during the holidays.

We can help teach children to be courteous by doing even simple things such as holding a door for another person often during our normal every day activities. Show kids how others appreciate us and our actions. It is also a way to put a smile and a lift into a strangers day, which always creates a good feeling within the person who is doing the kind act as well.

Teach children to be grateful even without material possessions. The best gift you can give a child is your attention and time. Spending a day playing at the park, watching the clouds, and taking the time to engage in any imaginative play makes a child feel better than any toy or video game ever could.

We take necessities like heat and lights for granted. These are things that American kids so don’t have to worry about. Do they take for granted the fact that they have food to eat all the time, friends to play with, and having plenty of toys and school supplies? Showing them examples of third world country children who go without these things is a way of teaching them appreciation for what they have, too.

Try to give the gift of your time and attention to children this Christmas. Show them how to be thankful and courteous each day. They will be more grateful simply by following your example.


  1. I watched my charges yesterday while their parents Christmas shopped and we went in DC. It was an eye opening experience for the girls because left behind on one of the streets was a blanket left behind by on the sidewalk by a homeless person. The younger one asked what it was. And inspite of hearing the answer within a few seconds the older one exclaimed, what is that smell? (fortunately the person wasn't around)Five minutes later we were approached by a person trying to sell free trolly maps. And well we did need one so we knew where the closest metros were after we were done. He said it was for homeless. (He looked it). After we purchased one and walked away, 4 said "Do you think that was the man who the blanket belonged to? I'm glad you gave him more than a dollar."Never forget they are always watching.

  2. One of my charges is very grateful the other isn't. It's hard to explain and perhaps the child is just at an age where they are seriously selfish, but the older charge (in his teens already) really is never satisfied. Very rude, high maintenance, thinks he's got it bad. Is that a teen problem or attitude problem? The other is the sweetest, very empathetic and very courteous.

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