What Gifts Nannies Really Want

What Holiday Gift Do You Really Want from Your Employers?

Many nanny agency owners have been asking Be the Best Nanny Newsletter what parents should give their nannies as holiday gifts. So, we though we should ask nannies to answer the question themselves.

Undoubtedly, when asked, many nannies will say they want a cash bonus (for example, see our quotes in The Wall Street Journal articles “Cash is King” and “What to Give Nanny?”).
True, cash is king. But what if your employers only gave you cash and no other gift, wouldn’t that be upsetting? Be honest, tell parents now, what do you really want for the holidays?
What do you really want (along with the cash) for the holidays?


  1. Health insurance. Seriously, give me some health insurance and I'll be thrilled. It's true though a low bonus hurts your feelings, although it's not proper to expect it, it does hurt your feelings. I'm used to high bonuses and many gifts and one year a family gave me just $300 bucks and a card. I completely understand you shouldn't expect anything so you aren't disappointed. But it actually did hurt my feelings. How can I buy Christmas gifts with such a low bonus. But I've adjusted my attitude since then and no longer expect anything so I won't get disappointed.Another year a generous family I worked for gave me a tremendous bonus but no gift from the kids or parents and that hurt my feelings too because the kids couldn't just bake me something with their parents? Just something tiny, anything just sentimental no money needed. Maybe just a disc of their digital photos. Something, anything.So most importantly is the bonus, then a gift. I'd love health insurance but cash is most important. Then a small gift. CASH not taxed bonus is important too.

  2. My thinking is the bonus isn't a gift but part of your salary so expect the bonus and expect it to be taxed.I also think health insurance is part of your salary and benefits package and shouldn't be your gift tobago nanny.The holiday gift is separate. It doesn't matter too much what it is as long as they take the time to either make or think of something. Absolutely no gift would hurt my feelings as I buy each member of my employers family a small gift.Best gift I ever got was a trip to Hawaii. I never, ever would expect so much from a family for a holiday gift. So, it was really nice. I love getting spa gift certificates, manicures, tickets to plays, you name it. Any small gesture is welcome too.

  3. I think the bonus should be in cash as a gift not taxed.Meghan H

  4. Nope don't need any gifts, just the cash. I expect a hefty bonus too! And yes, stick hundred dollar bills in a card, not in a check please!

  5. I don't think you are getting as many responses today as when you asked for recipes because we all just want money. The gift isn't really that important. But cash is. I agree it's better to get the money AS A GIFT not as part of your salary so it's truly your holiday gift.Tasha

  6. Money (or it's equal) is all I want. So if it's not hard cold cash, then I want car payments, rent payments, health insurance payments, or a plane or cruise ticket and paid vacation time, that sort of thing.

  7. A plane ticket home to visit family and friends and a heartfelt letter that can be included in my nanny portfolio!

  8. Lap top computer, cell phone (and some service), flat screen tv, plane ticket home to see my family, or college courses or course for a favorite hobby.

  9. Seriously the bonus. But other than that it's best to expect nothing or you may be disappointed. Some families are super generous, others not so much. I would love all the stuff aupairdebbie lists. Also, tickets to a sporting event, concert, or theater are welcome too.

  10. Cash bonus and just a heartfelt gift from the kids would be great. Don't need much in gifts, rather a bonus.

  11. Bonus and keepsakes from the children.Alicia

  12. Every year I see this topic and cringe to read the posts regarding what nannies expect from their employers for the holidays.Especially the ones who feel they need to get a bonus in order to buy gifts. Honestly I don't think that is the employers responsibility.I HONESTLY never expect anything, that way my feelings are never hurt and I am usually plesantly surprised.I always make sure I am paid fairly and have it written into my work agreement that a merit bonus and raise will be given on my Nannyversary. So anything above and beyond that is icing on the cake.However the best gifts I have gotton were the ones where the children picked them out for me- and I could see they really put a lot of thought into it. Such as a kitchen timer in the shape of a cat. An angel pin and pen, and a pink sweater. They were perfect- and it made me smile to know that the children really knew what I would like based upon my taste.Happy Holidays Everyone and appreciate and focus on what you have, not what you don't have.

  13. No way do I want something like health insurance as a gift. That is part of my salary and benefits. Gifts are from the heart show they know me well enough to think of something personal.

  14. They gave me same gift as last year!!! Bonus was same EXCEPT after taxes I took home LESS!!!

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