Watch PollyAnna to Teach Kids to See Good in Everything

Eight Days of Thanksgiving

With only two more working days until Thanksgiving, we suggest using negative experiences to teach children the value of being grateful.

The Walt Disney movie, “PollyAnna” is a great example of making good out of bad situations. In the movie, PollyAnna plays the “Glad” game. In this game she found many things to be grateful for in every situation she encountered. Renting this video, watching, and discussing it with children would be a great, gratitude building, quality time activity.

As you go through your day show children the wonderful events going on behind the scenes that we usually take for granted. Things like the police who protect us, the crossing guard who keeps us safe while crossing the street, and the clerk at the grocery store doing her job to help us get our food.

Remember saying, “thank you,” to everyone during your daily activities is the easiest way to role model appreciation that children will learn and emulate.


  1. I love that movie, haven't seen it in years. I think I'll watch it with the kids on winter holiday break!

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