Thanksgiving Eve

The Last Working Day Before Thanksgiving

This is your last working day before the Thanksgiving holiday. We hope you used some of our suggestions over the past few days to help kids appreciate all they have. If not, there’s still time to check out our Eight Days of Thanksgiving series by looking over our posts from the past two-weeks.

The Internet is full of free Thanksgiving projects and activities to do with kids. Most of those activities are actually a great way to get kids to think about what they are grateful for. We suggested starting out by making a TURKEY DAY DIARY or an I AM THANKFUL FOR…BOOK. Click here to see those easy, yet thoughtful activities.

I love doing activities like these with children because it makes them stop and think about the people and things that matter most to them and why.

When you first ask children what they are thankful for they may just rattle off a list of all the toys and things that they own. But, even being thankful for material possessions is a good thing. They ought to be grateful for toys. Just be sure to help them balance the list out by pointing out the people in her lives that they love too.

As they develop characteristics like empathy and sympathy, they will gain gratitude. Teaching a child to be thankful, generous, and kind is a lifelong process, and one that involves many friends and family to help.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?


  1. Everyone comments on Facebook not here anymore so I'll tell you I'm flying home to see family tomorrow. Have to be at the airport 4am. Exciting!

  2. Stuck in airport reading your blog hoping to get to Thanksgiving dinner at my inlaws by tomorrow.

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