The 8 Days of Thanksgiving

The Importance of Manners to Show You are Thankful

We have been discussing how to teach children to be thankful in the days before Thanksgiving. With three more working days until Thanksgiving let’s teach kids that using good manners shows respect towards others. Saying, “thank you,” is an easy way to show others our appreciation.

Begin teaching children to say, “thank you,” as soon as they’re able to talk. Once they can talk well enough also have them say why they are thankful. Have them tell the librarian, “Thank you for reading me that story,” or say to a friend’s mother, “Thank you for inviting me over to play.”

Help children send thank you notes. If they cannot write yet, have them draw pictures and mail them as a thank you for nice deeds or gifts.

Show children the value of a thank you by saying it to them. Express gratitude when they behave well, put their clothes away, or treat their siblings well.

At first, the words may just come out of a child’s mouth out of force of habit or because you are prompting them by saying, “What do we say?” But, eventually kids will grasp the meaning behind the words. Talk about why telling someone, “thank you,” is important. Point out a time that someone said “thank you” to him and how that made him feel good inside.

Stop by tomorrow to learn how to teach kids to see good in others.


  1. Exactly. I don't tolerate rude behavior from my kids. I've had total strangers compliment me on my kids' behavior. It makes me proud of them. It isn't that hard to teach manners and respect if you take the time to do it. Nothing bothers me more than kids running around a restaraunt or store, interrupting others as they are speaking.. It's important we treat kids with the same respect we expect from them too.

  2. It's totally amazing how many disrepectful and rude people there are both old and young. People who don't say please, thank you, excuse me, hold the door open for others. I see many kids say "gimme" and whine and parents and nannies don't correct them. I always compliment a parent who has well behaved children. I always compliment children who have good manners too.Cindy Philly

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