A Celebrity that Loves Her Nanny

We love when celebrities compliment a nanny, (rather than gossip about them sleeping with their husbands, about the nanny spreading a smear campaign, or a nanny cam abuse story). One such celebrity is Gwyneth Paltrow.

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow admits hiring a nanny to help raise her kids was one of the best decisions of her life — because it has allowed her to go back to work. The actress says she, “couldn’t work” without the additional home help. She has hired a professional to help take care of her children, and she couldn’t imagine working without the “life-saver.”
She tells Britain’s The Sun, “I have a nanny and she’s just like part of our family. She’s lovely and a life-saver and I couldn’t work without her.”
“I couldn’t be here without her because she loves my children and they love her.”
Please let us know if you have ever seen other articles about celebrities that love their nannies!


  1. At my last nanny job I had a lot of freedom to take the kids to museums, parks, etc… but with this new family, I am only allowed to take their kids to the neighborhood park and hang out at home all day. Their kids are very young (3 and 1) and the kids at the park are much bigger because it is near an elementary school so they get pushed around and they cant make friends. They also don't allow me to drive them. They only want me to pull them in a wagon. Even though they let me use the car to see my boyfriend in the evenings. Part of me knows to just except their rules but I feel so cooped up all day and the kids get bored at the park. I feel like if I bring it up they will get angry because they are both short tempered. Also, my employers are not taking taxes out of my paycheck and are paying me less than minimum wage for watching their kids from 8-6 every day(125/week). what should I do??? Thanks a lot, Anonymous Nanny

  2. Too funny I just googled "celebrities that love their nannies" and just found only scandals. Any way you can write and submit positive articles to large media? Do you think they would print them> Good for Gwyneth for positive comments!

  3. To the Nanny not being paid minumum wage…QUIT! There are families out there that value their nannies, don't waste your time withthis family. Poeple like this usually are bad refrences anyway, nothing you ever did was right. Check out care.com to find something in your area. It worked for me, I have a great job with a GREAT family that I just love (they pay WELL over minumum wage)

  4. This story is so nice to hear!and such a change to the ones you usually see about sucessful woman with children. I always wonder- how can they be so successful and have children? Must be the nanny!

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