A Bad Nanny Caught on TV Show Ghost Whisperer Tonight

When a ghost tells Melinda a neighbor’s nanny is a threat to children, Melinda unravels a twisted relationship between the two women, revealing a haunting secret history. Meanwhile Melinda and Jim’s romance kicks into high gear with ‘date night’. LETHAL COMBINATION was written by Consulting Producer Stephanie SenGupta; it was directed by Executive Producer Kim Moses.

This episode guest stars: Erin Cahill as Kelly (Boogeyman 3, Saving Grace); Catherine Dent as Laura (The Shield, Criminal Minds); Samantha Bailey as Emily (The Young and the Restless, Criminal Minds); Jay R. Ferguson as Gil (Easy Money, Sleeper Cell); Kirsten Nelson as Sarah (Psych, Eli Stone); and Deidrie Henry as Dr. Mavis Boyd (Three Rivers, Southland)


  1. I'm really hoping this isn't going to be a bad nanny of grieving kids story, because I think I will write the show if it is.Having been the crisis nanny who has come in after a mom has died, I can say it isn't always easy to live up to the way they were and did things. Or in one case, to know I was better than mom, and still hear how perfect she was.Follow up comment after tonight's episode.

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  3. I really despised this episode. Here is this big build up to the nanny being a bad person, and Melinda plays mindgames with her current employer about it all. That alcholic ghost basically stalks this girl, causes potential harm to all these children, scares the life out of that one mother, etc. Not to mention all the hype to it in advertising. Oh and the comments made by the director about it all. And all the ghost has to do is say "I'm sorry, and go into the light." Hello, where is the remorse here for the nanny.This stuff the ghost's did tarnished her reputation, and caused her to go through a few jobs in a short amount of time. No nanny wants that stuff in her resume. And, all it's done is add to paranoia that same have toward us.

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