Sleep Lady Answers Does It Matter Where the Baby Sleeps?

Sleep Myth Buster

Kim West is the author of The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight with Joanne Kenen. On Saturday we will review the book that offers a practical, easy-to -follow, gentle, and effective approach to getting children to sleep and sleep through the night.

The author explains that many caregivers believe it doesn’t matter where a baby sleeps – in a stroller or riding in the car is just as good as at home. Sleep is sleep.

But the The Sleep Lady explains, “Motion lulls babies to sleep. However, it keeps them in a light sleep – not the restorative deeper sleep they need. If the baby does fall asleep while riding in the car or stroller, transfer him to his crib as soon as you can. Or, you could just park the car in your driveway and flip through a magazine while he snoozes. An occasional motion nap is not a problem. You just don’t want it to be the only way the baby can go to sleep.”

Do you make sure infants sleep in their cribs for naps during the day?


  1. I understand the concept but with so much to do during the day I have always allowed infants to sleep in bouncy seats and swings so I could have my hands free to do laundry and other household duties around the house. All the infants I have cared for were fed a bottle and rocked to sleep and then put in the crib. I understand the meaning and why not to do that but it's what all the parents and I have done.

  2. I have always tried to get my charges to nap at home in their cribs when possible, simply because they sleep longer, more comfortably, and deeply. There is nothing harder than trying to get things done when a baby is awake and cranky too.I try to schedule our day around the naps, and even when they are about to dose off anything less than 30 minutes from home, I will turn up music, roll down windows, talk to them, etc. just to get them to hold out. Otherwise they can't go back to sleep sometimes.

  3. No we don't make the baby sleep in her crib all the time. We allow cat naps in stroller and bouncy chairs. But if it's time for a nap, right after lunch time feeding, for example we put her in the crib. I can see all newborns prefer motion so no problem with letting them sleep in swings. They are just learning about their new environment and we should just make them comfortable the first 3 months if not longer. Start the schedules and sleeping routines after 3 months or so.

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