Review of The No-Cry Sleep Solution

Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night By Elizabeth Pantley and William Sears

The No-Cry Sleep Solution has great tips for setting realistic sleep goals using sleep logs with infants. It does not provide quick fix solutions. Elizabeth Pantley points out each infant is an individual and not every method will work with every infant.

The authors do not believe that babies should be left to cry in order to get to sleep. Dr. Sears explains that research shows that the “cry it out method” is harmful to future brain development and emotional well being of infants. Elizabeth Pantley argues that it is possible to help your baby to sleep through the night without resorting to neglect.

She encourages using sleeping ‘logs’ to track progress, and the safety of baby’s sleeping set-up is prioritized. She explains that daytime sleep is linked to nighttime sleep. She encourages nap and sleep routines to help develop healthy sleep associations to ensure the baby fits conveniently into parents’ lives.

Have you followed the advice of this book? What advice do you have for nannies trying to develop sleep schedules for infants?

Purchase this book by clicking the link or photo below:

The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night: Foreword by William Sears, M.D. (Pantley)


  1. Thanks for posting this book review. The family I am working with is following another sleep book and letting the baby cry itself to sleep. I am finding it unbearable. The baby is crying and it feels terrible. I can hardly stand it. I want parents and nannies to know that you can't spoil an infant. Rocking them to sleep is wonderful.

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