Nannies and Au Pairs Review of Playtex® Drop-Ins™ Premium Nurser

Bottle System with Disposable Liners

After the FDA announced that Americans should try to avoid BPA found in plastic baby bottles we have been reviewing 12 BPA-free baby bottles.

Playtex® Drop-Ins™ system features pre-sterilized, disposable liners that collapse as the baby feeds so no air gets into the milk. This system has been clinically shown to help reduce gas, colic, spitting up, and support baby’s natural feeding rhythm.

The Playtex® Drop-Ins™ System has been shown similar to the natural sucking, swallowing, and breathing patterns of breastfeeding. When feeding time is through, simply dispose of the liner – no clean-up necessary!

• Bottles and liners are BPA-free
• Convenient and easy to clean
• Breast milk can be stored in the liners for later use
• Squeeze liner to push out excess air
• No need to sterilize bottles, just throw out liner
• Bottle dishwasher safe
• Easy transition between breast and bottle
• Liners are expensive
• Liners create more waste
• Sometimes liners don’t collapse as they should
• Formula needs to be mixed separately
What do you like or dislike about the Playtex® Drop-Ins™ system?


  1. I feel like I have used all bottles out there & these playtex drop-in bottles are the easiest for me. Saves a lot of time no sterilization needed & collapsible liners help with gas. I just love that there is less to wash. Only negative is mixing formula outside of bottle but it’s worth it with so much less to wash in the long run.Heather Donovan

  2. The liners make it hard to determine how much the baby has drinken. I am supposed to write how much she drinks in my daily log. Clean up is easy. Felicia Taylor Moorestown NJ

  3. The liner is almost like vacuum sealed, making less bubble in the baby’s stomach. The liner allows the baby to control the flow. I just love the easy clean up of throwing out liners instead of washing bottles. Lisa F. Portland

  4. The reason I really like drop ins is that they are easiest to use and very easy to clean. Just throw away the liner and wash the bottle. You never have to clean dried up milk. No sterilizing the bottle because the milk is in the liner. Sara Carlson

  5. The good about this bottle is you don't have to rinse out the bottle before putting in new formula. So little clean up, no sterilization needed. I love it. My mother used it for my brother and I and now I use it for my job. Modesta CA

  6. There are good and bad things about all bottles. The disposable bags and drop-ins are good because they are really easy to warm by just running them under a warm water in the sink. They are also easy to clean, just throw them out. But for parents concerned about recycling and waste there is a lot of waste adding to our landfills with Playtex bottle liners. Professional Nanny Sara Eaton Yardley PA

  7. The only disadvantage to drop ins is you have to keep buying liners. One advantage of the liners is the fact that you have a new, sterilized bottle body every time you make a new bottle. Career Nanny Kerry, Ontario

  8. Sorry but I just don't get this product. Annoys me to no end. Can't measure properly, can't pour easily, the liner doesn't collapse right, I prefer a bottle.With the news about BPA moms should just buy glass bottles from now on, just end this plastic chemical disaster.

  9. Sorry but I just don't get this product. Annoys me to no end. Can't measure properly, can't pour easily, the liner doesn't collapse right, I prefer a bottle.With the news about BPA moms should just buy glass bottles from now on, just end this plastic chemical disaster.

  10. Too many Cons with this product.*Pros- ~Easy to clean and you know it is properly sterilized before each use.*Cons-~Keep having to buy liners.~Waste of throwing liner out each time.~Can't really tell without a doubt how much baby has had.~You have to push the air out before each use- and if baby stops drinking and you need to burp them. You have to push the air out of the bottle again-something you don't have to do with other bottles.So I personally would not choose to use them.Still best all round bottle on market are the glass bottles- IMO.Andrea- Nanny in NJ

  11. I love these bottles. I used these with my chidren, my chidren are using them with their children, and now I am using them as a nanny.I used 4 different kinds of baby bottles at various jobs. But I prefer these.Playtex drop-ins are the easiest to clean because there is no cleaning, they come clean and throw out the old. They have a large nipple base with is more like the breast and they don't leak at all. You can also squeeze the liners to release the air bubbles. Love them! Nanny of oneMother of twoGrandmother of threeSarasota Florida

  12. Only problem with the Playtex drop ins is they run out quickly and you have a lot of waste that way. Traveling with them can be hard so we use a tupperware bottle when traveling to mix formula. You can’t mix formula in drop ins. If you are going to use them, I would keep a few regular bottles handy for traveling or trips out of the house. Best thing about them is no sterilizing bottles necessary. They have decades of happy customers.Nanny Tara Harrisburg, North Carolina

  13. I completely disagree with last comments. It is easy to just pack the bottles with extra nipples and liners when traveling or on the go. The drop-ins are handy and easy to take out and very convenient to use and throw. Less waste when on the go because no crusty or spoiled milk bottles to wash!!! Shoshanna Levy Greenwich, CT

  14. My mom used these with me and was happy. My sister used these in the 90s with her kids and is happy. I'm using them at my nanny job and love them. They are the best and the easiest to clean and use of any other bottle I have used at other nanny jobs No dirty bottles, no sterilizing! I really love them. Erin McFaddenGrand Rapids

  15. This newsletter is reviewing these bottles because they are BPA free but they are not good for the environment!! They are so wasteful. I still have to wash these bottles because kids are dirty! I don’t know, I just think glass bottles and boiling water are the way to go with BPA and environmental issue concerns. I don’t see how environmentally conscious adults could use a product with so many wasteful liners! Sophia Los Altos, California

  16. I know environmental moms don’t want to have the waste but they are a great!Nanny and Sitter ShellieOklahoma City, Okla

  17. I just want to point out that one of the main points of these bottles is that you do not need to sterilize them. No boiling, no sterilizers, nothing. You just boil the nipples, rings, and caps. The bottle bags come sterile, so no work having to sterilize the drop in liners. Sounds too good to be true maybe, but it is. Thanks for this great resource.~ Kathleen W. Shawano, WI

  18. Playtex are the easiest bottles I ever used. You simply throw the liner away with no washing required. A hard plastic lip around the top of the drop in sleeve catches on the rim of the bottle, holding it in place. This allows for one-handed assembly. The liners are a clear plastic and are clearly marked in one ounce increments, making measuring just as easy as in a standard bottle. I highly recommend using these. But, I don't think I would voice any negative opinions of other bottles UNLESS my employer asked me directly. I just use whatever they choose. Also, I read your black history month posts and most appreciate the series!Nanny NellieAtlanta GA

  19. I do not understand how environmentally friendly nannies can recommend these. So much waste with throwing out the liners all the time. I would recommend using glass bottles (no BPA) and wash them. Not that much work, just do it!!

  20. These are my favorite baby bottles by far. So much easier to clean because you don't have to sterilize anything but the nipples. Really easy for packing and traveling too. I suppose more expensive but don't know for sure.Mary near Boston

  21. I used these with my kids. My daughters are using them with their children. I use them as a nanny. Love them. Really a great time saver. It does cost more for liners than just sterilizing bottles but saves much time and effort. Great blog and publication!Mother Grandmother Nanny Sammi, Tulsa Okla

  22. Liners CAN and should be recycled, not thrown away. Yes, it is still waste, but less of an impact if they are recycled. I hope everyone complaining about the waste of these liners use cloth diapers by the way (I do)!

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