Have You Used Baby Bottles By Sassy?

As we continue our reviews of BPA-free baby bottles today we hope nannies and au pairs will share their their experiences with MAM baby bottles by Sassy.

All new Sassy feeding products are made from BPA-free, baby-safe plastic for durability with fresh style and safety. The bottles have a removable bottom as part of the unique venting system. The removable bottom in the Sassy bottles makes for easy cleaning.

To learn more click here to visit their web site.

MAM by Sassy


  • BPA, lead, pthalate, and PVC Free
  • Venting valves at bottom of bottles or nipples
  • Removable bottom makes for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Wide bottoms caregivers can grip comfortably


  • Despite venting system bubbles sometimes form during feedings

Have you used Sassy BPA-free baby bottles?


  1. These are not in the local stores. Got to buy them online at amazon or specialty stores.

  2. I really like these bottles. I used them at my last job. The bottoms come off for easy cleaning. Very cute, easy measurments, filling, and cleaning.

  3. This bottle is far superior to all other brands. We tried Dr. Brown's and they worked fine, but were such a pain to clean with all the parts. Avent bottles leaked!! I really love these bottles and the baby has done great with them. Use these bottle s- you will not be disappointed Nanny Tara6 Years ExperienceCorpus Christi TX

  4. I have been using these for my current job and they are great. They do not leak if put together correctly. The valve on the bottom needs to be pushed down.Nanny CassieBrookville, N.Y.

  5. Pros: The baby likes the shape of the nipple and the venting system seems to work well. They are BPA free. Cons: They have leaked for me from the bottom. I assume this may happen with other bottles too but I don’t know for sure. Bottle is heavy. Frances Grandma (& Nanny)Palos Verdes Estates, CA

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