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This week we have been discussing Bisphenol-A (BPA) a hormone-disrupting chemical that is now considered harmful to human health and the environment. It has been known that scratched and worn polycarbonate feeding bottles will leach this chemical into liquids.

This week, we have been reviewing baby bottles that are BPA-free.

Dr. Brown’s is another baby bottle manufacturer that makes BPA-free baby bottles. Designed by a doctor in 1996 and patented in 1997, the Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® baby bottle was the first baby bottle to feature an internal vent system that eliminated the vacuum, air bubbles and negative pressure associated with conventional bottle feeding. Dr. Brown’s offers a completely safe glass bottle. But their new Dr. Brown’s plastic baby bottles and training cups are completely FREE of Bisphenol-A (BPA), PVC, lead, and phthalates.

Remember, all glass bottles are inert and cannot leach BPA chemicals into liquids, foods, or the environment.

To learn more about Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow glass bottles visit their web site by clicking here.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow


· BPA-free
· Dishwasher safe
· Microwave safe
· Venting system
· Easy to heat
· Can boil safely
· Durable
· Milk stays warmer longer in glass bottles than in plastic bottles
· Good variety of sizes and shapes

· Difficult to clean
· Leaks if not upright
· Doesn’t come with a protective sleeve
· Their glass bottles are more expensive than plastic bottles
· All glass bottles are somewhat vulnerable to breakage

What do you like Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow BPA-free baby bottles?


  1. I've used Dr. Brown's in the past and had great success, even transitioning back and forth with the mother breastfeeding.

  2. I just hated cleaning them. But I am sure all baby bottle nipples are hard to clean. I would put the tube in the middle of bottle in the dishwasher but it was difficult. Absolutely would not be able to get the milk gunk out without serious water pressure.Is FDA saying now not to heat plastic? Can those tubes go in the dishwasher? I am so confused…

  3. Their claims of the bottle making babies gas free makes no sense to me. I fed babies with this bottle and got spit up on and had to burp them just like with any other bottle. Good thing was baby liked to eat from these bottles and they are BPA free. Nothing better re: bubbles that I could see.

  4. I have not had a problem cleaning them at all. They come with a little brush to fit into the tube in the bottle. The only problem I have had comes when I do give him formula. The instructions say not to shake it in the bottle, so I have to stir it instead. I prefer shaking bottle with one hand while holding baby in the other.Melissa Silver Spring MD

  5. For one charge- pre-mature 3 months-we tried many different bottles-as he had horrible acid reflux. Dr. Brown's made a big difference. He still spit up from time to time but not as much.IMO, you do have to try to burp a baby after they drink from any kind of bottle.As for cleaning them- they make a special basket that fits all the parts – 3 entire set ups.Put in dishwasher on top rack- and they always come out clean.(just rinse a little before and after.)~Andrea- Nanny of 10 years- NJ

  6. The Dr. Brown bottles screw into the Mandela breast pump so they are convenient when the mother is pumping at work & bringing home for me to feed baby with bottles.

  7. Oh thanks Andrea, when I used Dr Brown's with a family that was so unorganized we didn't have a special basket or a special brush to clean the bottles.

  8. Dr. Brown bottles have FIVE pieces to one bottle to wash! Ugh!

  9. I like the slenderness of the bottle for packing and traveling. The best thing is I can actually see the venting system work! Any milk that gets into the vent reservoirs eventually gets pushed up and out by the air flowing through. I really like Dr Brown's bottles.Au Pair Ana from LondonWorking in Moorestown NJ

  10. They leak around the collar. They cannot be placed in the dishwasher because they have so many little pieces that you cannot clean the inside of without handwashing with the brush they come with. I hate cleaning them. Full-Time MomPart-Time NannyLexington KY

  11. These are the best bottles on the market. I don't understand how some people think they are hard to clean. Just rinse them right away and put them in the sanitizer bags and put in the microwave. Not too hard in my opinion.Nanny Jenny Fallbrook, California

  12. I didn't want to wash all of the little parts with the Dr. Brown's, really annoying, I guess we just aren't as organized as others since it was very annoying. I do like that the Dr. Brown's website because they clearly explain their venting system.Nanny Lisa F. Portland

  13. The Dr Brown’s bottles leak if they are not in upright position. There are lots of bottle parts to clean which annoys me to no end. But the baby is doing well using these bottles and the parents like them so what can I do? I prefer other bottles better, but can’t complain since baby is doing fine. Nanny of cutest baby ever!!Shannon Kirkland Minneapolis Minn

  14. Since no mother has asked me which bottles to buy I haven't shared the comments before. But seeing you are asking for a review I am more than happy to review these bottles.My current employers and baby seem to like the Dr Brown's bottles, but I don’t. Here is why:Cons1. Can leak if not held upright. Often spill when transporting in diaper bag.2. Hard to clean too many pieces!!!3. Can’t fill to full, 4. Needs a special brush to clean!!! The face the mom uses these is not the problem. My problem is with the bottles, not her!!Career NannyMicky WynnColumbus Ohio

  15. These bottles are great! You just have to know going into it that they're going to be a bit of a pain to clean. There are a lot of parts, but it's a small price to pay for such good bottles. For the people who say they leak? Just make sure when you travel with them you put that little white disk in. Once you get the hang of using the Dr. Browns, they are easy to control the flow and prevent leaks. Sierra, San Antonio, TX

  16. The mother I worked for that used these bottles didn’t even have the little brush everyone is mentioning to clean the tube inside the bottle and I never saw any microwave cleaning bag so cleaning so many parts and having to put them together again was frustrating for me. The infant had as much spit up and burping and gas as any other baby I fed. Baby Nurse, Barbara FinchSoho, New York NY

  17. They look strange but work great. It is scary to see so many pieces but I stick pieces on top rack of dishwasher and it’s not hard to assemble. Just don’t shake the formula in the bottle.

  18. I am sick and tired of other people complaining about the time it takes to clean these bottles. The different elements and many other parts to these bottles are there to help your child with getting no air in the bottle which also prevents colic. I think the extra time to clean these bottles are worth it rather than having a sick child from to much air intake. It is a child we are talking about not a car. Gas and air intake for any human is not good but for a car yes. Second the only way these leak is if the nipple is changed and doesn't get a good grip as with all bottles. All people have their preference but these bottles are excellent and you would definately tell the difference in your child while you use this product.

  19. dr brown bottles are good for babys colic but leak o much and its annoying especially if your out and about an your constantly havin to change your baby. also he rice you pay for the bottlews is ridicolous i mean come on people 24 pounds for 4 bottles its ot like you want to buy these bottles you have to so your baby doesnt suffer with bad colic no every one can afford these prices if i had a choice i woul nt buy these bottles

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