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We have been discussing the dangers of ingesting Bisphenol-A (BPA), a common chemical found in baby bottles and many food containers. To see our comments about the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) statements encouraging Americans to avoid BPA click here.

Breastfeeding is one way to reduce potential BPA exposure. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for a minimum of four-months but preferably for six-months. But, as nannies and au pairs we must use baby bottles to feed infants while mothers are working. So, it is important for us to use BPA-free baby bottles.

On Monday, we reviewed the Adiri nurser and Avent Via BPA-free bottles. Yesterday, we discussed the Wee Go glass nurser by Babylife. Today, we ask nannies and au pairs how they like the Born Free plastic baby bottles.

The Born Free BPA-free baby bottles are endorsed by many organic feeding experts. These bottles are guaranteed to be free of BPA. Born Free does use not polycarbonate in their feeding bottles. All parts of the bottles are designed to withstand sterilization by regular boiling at five-to-ten minutes intervals.


· BPA-free
· Venting system
· Valve to prevent leaks
· Wide nipple base mimics breast in five flow rates
· Wide neck for easy washing and filling
· Easy to hold
· Top rack dishwasher safe
· Recyclable


· Leaks if nipple or valve not inserted correctly
· Expensive

Have you used Born Free baby bottles? What do you like about them?


  1. We have been trying to replace our classic Avent bottles and many stores online are currently out of stock of Born Free baby bottles obviously due to the FDA report on BPA. Maria in Miami

  2. These bottles are wonderful. I have tried about every other brand as a nanny and no others compare! Go with these, you won't be disappointed! No gas, no leaks, wash well (even after tons of washes). I hand washed them all the time at the beginning then started using the dishwasher and they've done great both ways. One thing I love is being able to fill them with water and put them in the diaper bag to mix with powder formula later for on the go feedings without any leaks. The cap pushes right up against the nipple to seal it off. I tried the Dr. Brown bottles and quite the opposite is true with those, they leak if they're turned any way besides upright during travel.Baby Specialists & Nanny & Personal AssistantBeth in Durham CT

  3. The only reason I would give these Born Free bottles 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because somettimes the valve doesn't work. It causes the nipple to collapse. Then I have to take it apart and put it together again. It's very frustrating when you have a hungary baby and you have to stop to take the bottle apart. It's great that the bottles are BPA- free.Nanny AnnieGermantown, TN

  4. Born Free is perfect. There are never any bubbles and it never leaks. It They are the best bottles so far. I have tried the playtex vent air and avent bottles. The born free bottles do not leak like the others do. I also found that my baby does not get too messy while feeding. She has a great seal on the nipple. If you are undecided about these bottles, please try them! They are great, well worth the money and best of all BPA free!! They are really the perfect bottle.Early Education Student and NannyElaine, Bryn Mawr PA

  5. I am very happy with these as they DO NOT leak at all. I was told by the manufacturer, to only use 3 oz of water and heat for 3 minutes, as the Born Free bottles will melt potentially. I am very impressed with the fact that they do not seem to leak at all. The parts are easy to clean and assemble and overall, easy to use.Nanny Meggy W. Melrose MA

  6. So we switched from our classic AVENT bottles to these Born Free. Great bottles, but the 9 oz. bottles doesn't quite fit into my AVENT Sterilizer. Other than it having too many parts to clean,the baby did take to switching to it well. We switched a few weeks ago from the AVENT bottles after hearing about the chemical bisphenol A or BPA.Ann, a Mom (and nanny employer) in Oakland, CA

  7. As a newborn specialist I have tried many different bottles and almost feel that I could be spokesperson for bottle shopping, but ultimately, I have to go with the bottle that each child likes best. Consistently that bottle has been Born Free. I tried Medella, Playtex, Breastflow, Avent, Luvs, you name it. These are probably some of the best bottles that I have used.Barlett TN

  8. I have to agree these bottles are great & without the fear of BPA!!I think we all get carpal tunnel, achy wrtists and forearms when bottle feeding babies and this wide grip is good for my size hand.I think each baby is an individual and so is every feeder. Not every baby will love every bottle or pacifier and same with caregivers, they won't all like the same bottles. I would happily change back to glass if it were safer for the infants! But since this lightweight plastic version is available I prefer it. I would never think to complain to a parent about the type of bottles they purchased. It's just a few months we need them anyway.Thanks for great information on this site.Nanny Stephie, Los Angeles

  9. I am using Born Free with a 3 monmth old and she's liked them since she was a newborn. I dislike cleaning them. A lot of pieces, but I found the same problem with ALL baby bottles I have ever used. Just part of the job — constant taking apart and cleaning, then putting it all back together. It's a drag, but just part of the process. I haven't had a leak yet, the dad did but he's not used to using them 60 hrs a week like me. :)Sara B., Atlanta GA

  10. FINALLY convinced parents we should change bottles and we just tried all over to buy these and they are all out of stock. Until then we will be using glass bottles. Thanks for letting us know about BPA.

  11. I like these bottles, some friends don't but each baby and nanny are individuals, we all like differnt products. As nannies we have to use what the parents want us to. So doesn't really matter if we like it or not but most importantly that the baby likes it. They baby determines what bottle they like. The parent's job is to make sure they are BPA free!Mereidth, Colorado Springs

  12. I love these bottles! They're great even with breastfeeding or pumping moms. They carry them at Babies 'R Us and they're reasonably priced. They're BPA-free, which if you've been reading the news, BPA is a chemical commonly found in hard plastic bottles that has been linked to causing cancer. These are BPA-free, so they're worry free. I highly recommend checking them out.Au Pair Ruby

  13. Absolutely not Born Free. They leak and their customer service is terrible. I like both Avent and Dr. Brown's.

  14. I am a newborn specialist and have used all baby bottles. Born Free are the best bottles out there. Make sure valve is dry when assembling so it vents corrrectly. Jenna in Wisconsin

  15. These are fantastic bottles! The bottle does not leak as long as you put the venting system on each time. They are also easy to wash because of the wide design.Nellie, Fort Worth TX

  16. I like that the 5 month old has no trouble holding these. Great shape. No complaints. Molly E.Seattle WA

  17. I don’t like to share negative experiences but I was frustrated using these bottles before. My experience with Born Free bottles is that the bottles crack easily. It just wasn’t comfortable for me to hold either. Sorry, but with the concern of BPA I would just avoid plastics and switch to glass anyway. — Bethany, San Diego, CA

  18. I like the wide neck opening in the bottles. Washes easily, seals easily and well, baby seems to love them, much easier than using Dr Brown’s. Claudia De Luca Indianapolis IN

  19. I personally love Born Free baby bottles. The don’t leak, they are durable, don’t know why one nanny feels they crack, it hasn’t happened to me. They are easiest to clean of any other baby bottle I have used. Born Free bottle clean easier than most bottles. Born Free bottles can be converted into a drinking cup. Plastic is less heavy than glass, The shape of this bottle is great for my hands. But, I did see your article that BPA has been found in BPA free products, so I won’t complain if any parent switches to glass bottles. Baby NurseBarbara FinchNew York NY

  20. I originally registered for these when I was pregnant because of the BPA scare. When no one but my mom bought them for me because of them being pricey, I used the Playtex Drop-Ins instead. They worked fine when my daughter was using a stage 1 nipple, but when that became too slow the Playtex stage 2 used to choke her. I broke out my Born Free bottles and bought the stage 2 nipples.. they are PERFECT. I decided to change all my bottles over to the Born Free and bought all stage 2 nipples. I agree they are a pain to wash because of all the parts (venting system) but I just put them in the dish washer and its no big deal. She can down a bottle in very little time and she doesn't choke on the flow. There is no nipple collapse when you use them properly (do not over tighten!)Mother Nikki from Milford NH

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