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Yesterday we posted 12 BPA-free baby bottles. Today we will start reviewing the first two BPA-free bottles from that list. We would like to know what nannies and au pairs like and dislike about the baby bottles. Please comment below to share your experiences using the following bottle.

Natural Nurser (Out of Business, But Can Still Find Them in Stores)

The Adiri claim to fame is that they are the most natural nurser bottle that resembles mommy’s breast, reducing nipple confusion. But, they have gone out of business, which is sad since with the new finding by the FDA regarding BPA leaching into baby milk the company would undoubtedly found an increase in sales now. The company statement is: “We at Adiri would like to thank our loyal customers, retailers and partners for all the support you have provided Adiri and its products over the years. Unfortunately, due to the financial pressures that many businesses face today, we made the difficult decision to cease all business operations.
With gratitude, we wish you all the best of luck. Warmest regards, The Adiri Team”


• Most natural to breast
• Dishwasher safe
• 3 nipple flows
• Leak-proof cover
• Soft
• Vent system to avoid bubbles


• Difficult to warm
• Hard to clean
• May leak until you get used to using it

Avent VIA System


The only BPA-Free Avent bottles are in the Via system and they are brown-tinted. The company promotes the ease of cleaning the bottles which consists of only three components and has a cap for hygienic storage and transportation. The company boasts that their bottles are clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing. There are five different nipple flow rates available.


BPA-free (with a natural honey-colored tint are BPA-free only)
• Easy to clean and fill
• Dishwasher safe
• Valve flexes to allow air into bottle to prevent air bubbles in baby’s tummy
• Easy to latch on, easy to combine breast and bottle feeding
• Good value
• Interchangeable bottle system is convenient, but other products are NOT BPA-free


• Wide nipples make in hard for some babies do not have mouths big enough for nipples
• Don’t over tighten lids or they will leak
• Many other of their interchangeable products, like their breast pump and sanitizer, are not BPA-free
• Beware: their classic bottles are not BPA-free
Tomorrow: Review of Babylife Glass Nurser
Please share what you like or dislike about these baby bottles with other nannies and au pairs.



  1. I actually used the adiri in London no here in the states. I love them. I saw a few reviews about Adiri bottles about them leaking but I didn't have that problem. All bottles with a twist on lid will leak if it isn't lined up properly. If you screw it on properly it won't leak, never leaked for me. They are easy to clean actually. I mean all bottles are a pain to clean and this is one of the easiest. Never used Avent though.

  2. I used the older honey colored Avent BPA free bottles and they do leak randomly. I can't figure out why they leak is it the bottle the nipple or the ring? After the first wash they seem to lose the level markings. I can remove any markings on these bottles by just scratching them a couple of times.

  3. Avent bottles never leaked for me, but the ones we use at work are not the bpa-free ones and I am concerned, while the parents aren't. Scary.

  4. We have Avent bottles and assecories and like them but we only have the kind with BPA. Don't know what the parents will choose to do. I gave them the info, now it's in their hands to purchase others that are BPA free. Otherwise, I like the Avent fine. All baby bottle nipples are a pain to wash. I hear now we shouldn't dry them in the dishwasher making things even more complicated.Kelly Houston suburbs

  5. I like avent bottles in past. I agree all bottles can leak and are difficult to clean. Just part of the job with bottles. I am shocked parents won't replace bottles for bpa free ones, such an easy thing to do. Thanks for researching this for us. Melanie P. Richmond VA

  6. Excellent product for milk storage and feeding. The adaptor allows you to pump directly into the container for storage and then you can use for feeding as well. Reduces transfers. Mom and Nanny EmployerJoy Paradise Valley, AZ

  7. I loved the regular Avent bottles but when I learned about BPA I had switched to another bottle. Once the Avent BPA free bottles were available I switched back. Baby loves the Avent bottle and I love that it has few parts to clean and now peace of mind. And I don't have the leaking problem with the Avents that other customers complain about. Just have to tighten the ring like the Avent directions.1st time mom from West Orange, NJ

  8. Avents have things I like and things I dislike. I like the wide necks making pouring and cleaning easier and a wide range of accesories. I dislike they leak.–Modern Day Marry Poppins

  9. My Mom Boss loves them because they hook right up to the Avent breast pump. It only leaks if the lid is not screwed on right. Just rescrewing it works. They are easier to clean then thin neck bottles.Sara in N. Hollywood

  10. The bottles are wide, so easy to hold for me. I like that the nipples have a wide base to make baby open wide, similar to breast feeding. I like that they are easier to clean than Dr. Brown’s and many glass bottles.– Sharon L. Providence RI

  11. What I like about Avent bottles are their wide neck and the shape is easy for me to hold. I like their sterilizer too. I am afraid of plastics as a whole now though.

  12. I love the Avent via system. The plastic is supposed to be safe. You can stack the cups on top of each other. I like the wide mouth for pouring and mixing. The cups are big so it is easy for me and children to hold s they get older. Newborn SpecialistEvelyn D.Warren, NJ

  13. When I used the Dr. brown bottles I hated cleaning them and putting them back together after cleaning them. They always leaked if not twisted and put together just right. Very frustrating. But I didn’t complain to my employers. Sarah Bryant, NannyLiberty, MO

  14. These bottles are easy to clean. They can easily be transfered to a sippy cup just by changing the top. I have used these bottles for both of my children and neither of them ever had any issues with gas. — CarolOmaha NE

  15. I like Avent bottles because they are indestructible. I like the bottles and the accessories. I have found Avent to be by far the best brand on the market. They are very easy to clean (you do not need to use a bottle brush as they are wider than some other bottles). Advantages:– They are clincally proven to reduce colic in babies– They don’t leak– Now have BPA free available– The lid holds the nipple in place. — They last for absolutely ages,– They are ideal when you are changing from breast feeding to bottle of combined feeding. As the nipple is very much like a human nipple — They come in two sizes — You can use them in any type of sterilizerDisadvantages: — Pricey– Are wider than other brands of bottles on the market so you would have to buy all accessories if needed from AventBaby Nurse, Barbara FinchSoho, New York NY

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