Which Baby Bottles are Safe for Nannies and Au Pairs to Use With Infants? 

On January 15, 2010 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that bisphenol-A (BPA) does affect human development and they are working to take the chemical out of infant formula cans and baby bottles. Meanwhile, Canada has banned all plastics containing BPA from their markets. For now, the FDA encourages Americans to limit exposure to plastics that contain BPA. To see how to reduce exposure to BPA click here.

I work as a nanny. Since my employer is expecting a newborn any day now, I spent hours searching the World Wide Web last week trying to determine if the baby bottles they have already purchased are BPA-free. It was extremely difficult to understand the manufacturer’s long-winded customer service statements.
The jargon is so confusing that I have come to the conclusion that BPA-free plastic products will advertise that fact. If the plastic product does not say it is BPA-free, assume it is not BPA-free. In fact many of the stores I visited last week, (my local Shop Rite, Costco, Wal-Mart, and Target), already have displays of BPA-free baby bottles, sippy cups, and water bottles because it is a good market now. Some newspapers report that glass baby bottles are on back order since so many people are ordering the BPA-free glass since the report by the FDA.
The FDA also says it is working to require BPA manufacturers to report how much of the chemical they are producing and where it is being used so that it can more easily regulate the chemical. That should help consumers like us in the future.
Below is my list of BPA-free baby bottles I found on the Internet in the past week. If you know of others please feel free to share the brand names with us.
Tomorrow we will start to review the BPA-free baby bottles and ask nannies, au pairs, and parents to share why they like, or do not like, the baby bottles they have used.
Be the Best Nanny Newsletter List of BPA-Free Baby Bottles:

1. Adiri Natural Nurser

2. Avent VIA System

3. Babylife Glass Nurser (WeeGo)

4. Born Free Bisphenol-A Free

5. Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow

6. Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser

7. Green to Grow Baby Bottle

8. MAM by Sassy

9. Medela

10. Playtex Drop-Ins Premium Nurser

11. The First Years Breastflow

12. Thinkbaby

If you care for an infant, are you using BPA-free baby bottles? What do you like, or not like, about the baby bottles listed above?


  1. I used Dr Brown's, Avent (the classic non bpa free type)& playtex drop-ins. Liked them all for different reasons. Playtex drop ins no need to clean bottles, Avent light weight, Dr Brown's BPA free and easy to heat.Maria LopezMiami

  2. Family I work for expecting newborn. They were going to reuse the Avent bottles used for older siblings. We threw them out. Don't know which kind they will choose. I will show mom boss these choices today.MaryanneMadison WI

  3. I have liked the drop ins too since no sterilization needed, no clean up. And they are bpa free.

  4. I love the 4 oz Avent bottle it is great becasue they are very light weight and easy to hold. I use the BPA free honey colored ones and another feature I love is the wide neck is easy to clean and makes formula mess free. The bottle cap also fits snuggly against the opening of the nipple and I never have problems with leaks (some people complained when it first came out). Marie in New York City

  5. My mom boss threw out all the baby bottles because BPA in them and bought Born Free over the weekend and they are great! She said first few times the nipples were collapsing but read online all you have to do is make sure the ring isn't screwed on too tight. Neighbor friend said to make sure a slit isn't covered either for proper venting.But I had NO problems with them. Very easy to use and most importantly BPA FREE!Newborn SpecialistSophia L.Highland Park, Texas

  6. I am very disappointed with Avent.When they became BPA free bottles, they decided to double the price. Plus the new bottles leak. It's such a waste of time and money to buy these bottles. They are BPA free which is good. The price is ridiculous! I cannot believe that Avent wants to take advantage of BPA concerned parents!Stay at Home Mommy who used to be a nanny)Cincinnati, Ohio

  7. In Avent's defense it does cost money to make a new product.

  8. Playtex are the easiest to use. Great bottling system. There is no need to clean bottles each night. Just throw out old liners, new liners are sterile, just get some extra nipples!

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