8 Things to Do When Kids Don’t Respect You or Your Job

How to React to Disrespectful Nanny Kids I have often heard little kids yelling at their nannies saying they can get them fired when they are angry with them. I have also heard children yell, “I don’t have to listen to you! You are only a nanny!” When I have asked some kids to clean […]

Professional Nannies Don’t Yell at Kids

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies When caring for other people’s kids I urge nannies not yell at children. To encourage kids to be respectful and kind you need to be respectful and kind towards them.Consider if you wouldn’t use an aggressive tone with another adult, why is it okay to us an aggressive tone and scream […]

Why Nannies Should Never Yell at Children

People Only Yell When They Have Lost Control Nannies and au pairs are important role models for the children in their care. It’s common sense that to teach good table manners caregivers must use good table manners, to show kids how to share childcare providers must share, and to teach kids to be kind the adults in […]