Professional Nannies Don’t Hit (Spank) Children

Corporal Punishment and Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies Despite the fact that nannies may have been spanked as kids and turned out fine, whether they would spank their own children, and even if the parents that employ them tell them spanking their kids is okay, nannies must never ever spank a child left in their […]

Could You Work for Parents That Spank Their Kids?

Spanking Batters Kids’ Mental Health: Study Thirty-two countries prohibit physical punishment of children by parents or caregivers, but the practice is legal in the United States and Canada… yet nearly 80 percent of preschool children in the United States are spanked. MSN reports that a study shows spanking increases odd children will develop mental health […]

Do You Think Parents Should Be Allowed to Spank Their Own Kids?

Yesterday, on our Facebook page, we all agreed that nannies should never hit or spank the kids in their care. But, do you think parents should be allowed to spank their own children? The article we linked to yesterday shows a link between children being spanked and being more aggressive. Below are Dr. Sears ten […]

Should Nannies Be Allowed to Spank?

MSNBC Article Explains Spanking Linked to More Aggression in Kids I am just going to assume that no nanny or au pair that reads this blog would ever consider spanking a child left in their care. But, in informal conversations I have heard plenty of in-home child care providers admit they would consider spanking their own […]