Hurricane Sandy and the Spirit of Thanksgiving

How a Natural Disaster Can Make Us Grateful, Not Envious I still feel cold after 12-days without heat and power at my employer’s house due to the high winds of Hurricane Sandy. I have neighbors who have major damage to their homes, neighbors that have family members that have lost their homes and all their material belongings, and I even know one nanny […]

How to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

If you aren’t able to personally provide shelter, supplies, or cash to those affected by Hurricane Sandy, it doesn’t mean you can’t help at all. There are many organizations along the East Coast that are providing shelter, food, and other supplies to victims of the hurricane. Here are ways to volunteer or donate to help those suffering […]

How to Talk to Kids About Hurricanes

Children’s Books About Hurricanes! Although I live in New Jersey and keep losing power due to trees falling and power line damage due to the high winds of Hurricane Sandy I decided to use up a few minutes of my laptop battery to post on my blog. Reading children’s books is always a great way to teach children […]