"Colic Solved" by Dr. Bryan Vartabedian

Weekly Trip to the Library for Nannies and Au Pairs This week on the Be the Best Nanny Newsletter blog we discussed colic. If the infant you care for seems to never stop crying we highly recommend reading Colic Solved by Dr. Bryan Vartabedian. It’s estimated that about 1 of 5 babies cry inexplicably. Fifty-years […]

What Are Your Best Tips on Coping with a Crying Baby?

How to Cope with a Crying Baby There is nothing more frustrating then not being able to comfort a crying, or even a colicky, baby. I’ve been searching the Internet for ways to cope with a crying or colicky baby. Problem is that everything I have read recommends taking a break. As paid in-home childcare […]

Do Probiotics Help Colic?

For Colic, Probiotics Might Help About 20 percent of all babies suffer from colic. A 2009 study, found that colicky babies had gastrointestinal inflammation and traces of a bacterium in their guts that may have prompted it. Babies without colic had no inflammation and a greater diversity of beneficial bacteria. A 2010 study has similar […]

What Has Worked in Comforting a Colicky Baby for You?

Tips for Comforting a Colicky BabyDifferent children are comforted by different measures. Some prefer to be swaddled in a warm blanket; others prefer to be free. Try many different things, and pay attention to what seems to help, even just a little bit. Holding the child is one of the most effective measures. The more […]

What Has Caused Colic in the Child in Your Care?

What Triggers Colic in Babies? Helping a child with colic is primarily a matter of experimentation and observation. If you can identify and eliminate a trigger for the colic, that is best. Even if you can’t, learn which measures most comfort the baby. Possible Triggers: Foods – If the baby is breast-fed the mother should […]

Have You Ever Cared for a Colicky Baby?

Is it Crying or Colic? Almost all babies go through a fussy period. When crying lasts for longer than about three hours a day and is not caused by a medical problem (such as a hernia or infection), it is called colic. About 20% of babies cry enough to meet the definition of colic. The […]