What Has Worked in Comforting a Colicky Baby for You?

Tips for Comforting a Colicky Baby

Different children are comforted by different measures. Some prefer to be swaddled in a warm blanket; others prefer to be free. Try many different things, and pay attention to what seems to help, even just a little bit.

  • Holding the child is one of the most effective measures. The more hours held, even early in the day when they are not fussy, the less time they will be fussy in the evening. This will not spoil a child. Body carriers can be a great way to do this. Holding the baby in the upright position may help reduce gas.
  • Swaddle the baby.
  • Rock and swing the baby. As babies cry, they swallow more air, creating more gas and perhaps more abdominal pain, which causes more crying. This vicious cycle can be difficult to break. Gentle rocking can be very calming. This is directly comforting and seems to help them pass gas. When you get tired, an infant swing is a good alternative for babies at least three-weeks old with good head control.
  • Use a pacifier. Some babies are only happy when they are sucking on something. A pacifier can seem like a miracle in these cases.
  • Check their diaper and treat diaper rash.
  • Take the baby’s temperature, make sure the infant isn’t sick.
  • Sing to the baby.
  • Take the baby on a walk outdoors. Fresh air and a walk in the stroller comforts both the child and caregiver.
  • Some babies like car rides or the sound of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Give child a warm bath.
  • Simethicone drops, a defoaming agent that reduces intestinal gas, may help.

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  1. baths always seem to work

  2. Change in evironment. If inside, take walk outside or to mall in bad weather. Bath, car ride, etc..

  3. boil spearmint leaves in water for 10 minutes and mix with formula or water…if breast feeding, rub a little olive oil on nipple, dust pro biotic powder (find at health store) over nip, feed. Its also good for the mother to take a pro biotic too. if breast feeding, avoid cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower alcohol and excessive sugar citrus fruit grapes caffeine dairy products spicy food and garlic. good luck!

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