Hot Glue Tin Foil Painting

For a Memorial Day craft project I had a 5-year-old paint an abstract American flag on tin foil. I used hot glue to make a box and lines on the tin foil for the child to paint inside the lines. Be sure to read children’s books about Memorial Day while doing this project. We recommend, “Memorial Day” by Emma Carlson Berne, “Why Do We Celebrate Memorial Day” by Kirsten Lake, and “A Day for Rememberin” by Leah Henderson.

You Will Need:

Piece of Cardboard
Tin Foil
Hot Glue Gun 
Red, White, and Blue Paint
Paint Brushes
Children’s Books about Memorial Day 

What to Do:

1. Protect the work surface.

2. Wrap a piece of cardboard with tin foil.

3. Use hot glue to make a box in the left corner and horizontal lines on the flag. I did not make it precisely accurate with 13 stripes and 50 stars. This is just an abstract representation.

4. Have the child paint the box blue and the stripes white and red.

5. After the blue paint dries, allow the child to use a paint brush dipped in white paint to make dots to represent stars on the flag.

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