“How to Build a Snowman” and Craft

After reading “How to Build a Snowman” to the children in your care, allow toddlers and preschoolers to paint and paste together this snowman craft.

How to Build a Snowman” is an innovative and interactive touch-and-feel winter fun book for babies and toddlers by Little Scholastic.

A very first winter book with different textures to touch and feel on every page.

How to Build a Snowman” is created exclusively to give babies and toddlers a head start in learning with interactive components; high color contrast; and rhyming repetitive, and predictable text.

You Will Need:

Construction Paper
White Paint
Sponge or Foam Paint Brush
Paper Plate
White Glue
Plastic Cup
Paint Brush
Raisins (optional for mouth)

What to Do:

1. Cut out a black hat and coal eyes for a snowman out of black paper. Cut out a triangle carrot out of orange paper.

2. Protect the work surface and collect all the items needed for the craft.

3. Pour some white paint onto a paper plate.

4. Allow the child to use a foam paint brush to roll white paint onto light blue construction paper.

5. Pour white glue into a plastic cup. Let the child dip a paint brush into the cup of white glue and allow them to paste the hat, coal eyes, carrot nose, and raisin mouth onto the snowman.

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