Halloween Sun Catchers

This is an easy project to make with children of any age for Halloween that is not scary. You can purchase the supplies needed for this project by tapping the links below or by visiting my Amazon storefront by clicking here.

You Will Need:

Construction Paper
White and Orange Tissue Paper
Clear Contact Paper

What to Do:

1. Use a pencil to draw a pumpkin or ghost shape on construction paper.

2. Cut out the pumpkin shape or ghost shape from construction paper. Then cut out the center of the shapes leaving a half inch edge around the shapes.

3. Cut out triangles, ovals, and mouths for the facial features of the jack-o-lantern or ghost.

4. Cut up squares of appropriate color of tissue paper (orange for the pumpkin or white for the ghost).

5. Peel off the backing of the contact paper and place it sticky side facing up on the table.

6. Have the child place the paper Halloween shape and facial features on the sticky side of the contact paper.

7. Allow the child to place tissue paper pieces onto the sticky contact paper.

8. Remove the backing of another sheet of contact paper and place on the back of the Halloween shape and press to seal the sun catcher.

9. Cut out the shape and hang in a window to decorate the child’s playroom or bedroom.

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