Recycled Box Car for Dolls

When the weather is bad outside let the kids be creative. On a rainy day this week I grabbed a cardboard box out of the recycling bin for the child in my care to decorate. I helped her make a car for her dolls — allowing her to decorate the car all by herself.

You Will Need:

Cardboard Box
Box Cutter (adults only)
Colored Masking Tape or Duct Tape

What to Do:

1. Make sure box is sealed. Use a box cutter to cut two thirds of the top of the box to leave one third of the box to be the hood. (See photo).

2. Pull the flaps up and secure the flaps with the tape.

3. The child in my care used masking tape to decorate the box to make windows, wheels, and door of the car.

4. Then she used markers to decorate her car.

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