Blindfold Drawing

This is one of the best boredom busters to do with children. I simply use sleep masks to blindfold the children and instruct them what to draw with a blue or red crayon. I start by telling them to pick a particular color crayon (which they cannot see) and draw a basic house — without telling them they are drawing a house. I tell them to draw a large square with a blue crayon in the middle of the paper. Then I tell them to draw a triangle above the square and so on.

To add another twist have the child try using their non-dominant hand to draw while blindfolded.

The results are hysterical. Then you can take turns trying to draw simple items while blindfolded like a tree, car, airplane, and so on.

You can purchase the supplies needed for this project by clicking the links on this page or by visiting my storefront by clicking here.

You Will Need:

Construction Paper
Blue and Red Crayons
Sleep Masks or Ties for Blindfold

What to Do:

1. Give all of the children a blindfold, red and blue crayon, and piece of paper.

2. Tell them to pick up one color of crayon. Then how to draw a house starting with a square, than a triangle roof, than a rectangle chimney, then square windows, and rectangle door.

3. Let the kids take off the blindfolds and she’s the color of house they drew.

4. Next have the kids trying using their non dominant hand to draw items with a blindfold on sixth as a car, tree, airplane, elephant, flowers, dog, or whatever else that is fun to draw.

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