“Potty Train Your Child by NOON” by Kim McPherson

Potty Train Your Child by NOON” is a “how-to” on potty-training from a mother, Kim MacPherson. You’ll learn if the time is right for the child you care for to start potty-training, plus what you’ll need.

In “Potty Train Your Child by NOON” the author takes you through the five, fun-filled steps of the “big day,” but in a lighthearted manner that’s a pleasure to read. Says Kim, this potty-training method is “proven, fast, fun, and easy!”

This potty training system obviously won’t work with children who aren’t showing signs of potty training readiness. So be sure the little one in your care is capable of potty training prior to starting to potty train.

The potty training method is:

PROVEN: This is the very same method Kim used to potty train her own son, and it’s been used successfully by her friends and family members.

FAST: With this method, you’ll have the child potty trained in as little as a FEW HOURS. Start by 9AM, and you’ll be done by lunchtime! And in those rare cases that take a little longer, you’ll be done before dinner.

FUN: This method promotes play and bonding between you and the toddler. In fact, you’re going to make a GAME out of potty training! As opposed to tears and screaming, there will be real laughter and precious smiles!

EASY: This method is VERY SIMPLE. You will know EXACTLY what to do in less than 30 minutes, and your little one will follow right along — without doubt! It just doesn’t get any easier!

CHEAP: You won’t need any fancy tools or props! In fact, you probably already have everything you need right at home. And as for the cost of this book? It’s ridiculously CHEAP! (How does LESS THAN TEN BUCKS sound)?

You can get your own copy of “Potty Train Your Child by NOON” by clicking the links above or by clicking here or by visiting Amazon.

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