Our Weather Touch and Feel Board Book and Craft

We have all heard, “April showers bring May flowers,” and it has been rainy this April in my neck of the woods. So, I have been reading about the rain and weather with my Nanny Kids.

I love touch and feel books because engage young readers with in the books. After reading this fun book Our Weather – Touch and Feel Board Book with toddlers and preschoolers, let them make umbrellas with colorful tissue paper.

In Our Weather – Touch and Feel Board Book children get to explore the weather in this touch and feel board book. They learn about the sun, rain, snow, wind, and clouds. This book is filled with bright, colorful illustrations and short rhyming sentences making for a fun read with toddlers.

Little ones will learn that the sun is a star, the benefits of the rain, fun ways to play in the snow, see how the wind blows the leaves in the fall, and look for shapes in the clouds.

Depending on the age and skill of each individual child will determine how much a child can help you make this umbrella. Some children can use safety scissors to cut out shapes from construction paper and tissue paper while you will need to cut and prepare the materials for the child in your care.

You Will Need:

Construction Paper
Colored Tissue Paper
Safety Scissors
Washable Glue
Paper Cup
Paint Bushes

What to Do:

1. Cut out an umbrella shape and umbrella handle from construction paper.

2. Cut squares from different colored tissue paper.

3. Pour some glue into a disposable paper cup or bowl.

4. Let the child dip a paint brush into the glue to paint it to the paper to paste the tissue paper to the top of the umbrella shape.

5. Allow to dry and hang.

You can purchase your own copy of Our Weather – Touch and Feel Board Book by clicking the title in this review or by visiting my storefront by clicking here.

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