“Fiona Flamingo” by Rachael Urrutia Chu and Craft

My favorite activity to do with children is help them make a craft or do a fun activity that corresponds to their favorite children’s books. My Nanny Kid loves Fiona Flamingo by Rachael Urrutia Chu and enjoyed made her own Fiona with paper plates and colorful tissue paper. There is also a Fiona Flamingo Coloring Book for the kids to draw in after reading the adorable children’s book.

Fiona FlamingoNis about a Flamingo named Fiona who isn’t a pink Flamingo like all the other flamingos but rather a white flamingo. Whenever Fiona displays her emotions, her colors change like green when she’s anxious, red when she’s angry, and blue when she’s sad.

Fiona is sad that her feathers keep changing colors until a baby flamingo inspires her, making Fiona very happy, making her feathers rainbow colored.

You Will Need:

White Paper Plates
Rainbow Colored Tissue Paper
Googly Eyes
Washable Glue
Safety Scissors
Construction Paper
Paint Brush
Split Pins

What to Do:

1. Cut the paper plate in half. The bottom half will be your flamingo’s body.

2. Make the neck out of the top of the paper plate.

3. Cut the oval head from the remaining portion of the top half of paper plate or cut a flamingo head from pink construction or heavyweight paper.

4. Attach the neck to the body with a split pin.

5. Attach the head to the neck with a split pin.

6. Cut legs out of pink construction paper and glue or staple to the body of the flamingo.

7. Allow the child to decorate their flamingo with rainbow colors. I had the child rip and make colorful tissue paper into balls. I poured glue in a small paper cup and let the child use paint brushes to brush the glue onto the tissue paper then attach to the paper plate flamingo.

You can purchase Fiona Flamingo, the Fiona Flamingo Coloring Book, and the supplies needed for the project by tapping the links above or by visiting my storefront by clicking here.

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